My experience at global oceon has been exciting so far. I currently work with the drafting team, and have found numerous opportunities to improve the quality of work in order to meet with industrial standard. And this comes easy here, as everyone is a teacher.

Asides the work culture, the members of staff endeavour to be seen as colleagues. With my time here so far, I have been trained, given opportunity to work with the team on real-time projects and it just makes the office feel like another home. The work place environment isn’t tense, which allows me keep a cool head while delivering my duties.


The vision of Global Oceon Engineers Nigeria Limited is to be the best Nigerian engineering company providing world-class services to the Energy industry in Nigeria. My experience so far with the Structural Engineering team has been exciting. I enjoyed the work ethic, team work and the conducive working environment. Global Oceon is the right place to acquire both theoretical and practical experience.