Oceon is focused on protecting and promoting the security of our people around the world. We have a dedicated team of security specialists stationed throughout the group, providing detailed local knowledge, guidance and advice to help keep you safe and secure as you perform your duties.But just as health and safety requires each and everyone of us to take responsibility for our own actions, so too does the issue of personal security.

General Security

Like health and safety, security is a frame of mind and is focused on managing the risks we could encounter at home, travelling or visiting other countries.

Oceon has an extensive security network of people who work to maintain a current understanding of local/regional security issues. Like the ISPS for marine, our national security plans utilise alert levels which are established to reflect the current security situation.

Alert Level 0


Travel subject to normal process

Alert Level 1


Travellers are given security briefing, travel with appropriate security measures according to national security plan.

Alert Level 2


In addition to Orange, will require Operations Manager, Regional Manager VP approval.

Alert Level 3


Travel ban. Travel permitted for exceptional circumstances, requiring approval of Regional VP or CEO.

Always assess your personal security and make remaining safe your priority.