Project: AGBAMI Project

Client: Subsea 7/Star Deep Water Petroleum Ltd

Description: Offloading System - (20” x 1.0” A & R Pulling Head). This is a STAR Deep Water Petroleum Ltd Project awarded to Subsea 7. The Agbami field is located offshore Nigeria within Blocks 216 and 217. Agbami development consists of FPSO and subsea production, water / gas injection systems. The primary offloading system is a single point mooring (SPM) terminal system connected to FPSO by two mid-water flow lines offloading to vessel up to VLCC size. The system is expected to be capable of offloading 158,987CM (1,000,000 barrels). In 24hrs with minimum peak, peak – pumping rate of 45,000Bbls/hr. It is the responsibility of the Oceon to design and analyse a suitable lifting configuration to ensure this is achieved.

Project: EPC4A Green Field Project

Client: Exxonmobil

Description: The scope of service includes: to perform the Detailed Analysis and Engineering to design Structural Seafasteners, Grillages, Installation Aids and Strength Verification for the Barges in preparation for the Transportation and Installation of 3 Jackets and Piles, 3 Decks, 2 Bridges and 1 Flare Run and 1 Heat Shield, to ensure all structures are confirmed and fitted out with appropriate Attachments and Connections, to provide Detailed Auto-CADD Drawings for all Attachments and Connections and to provide Summary Report of Engineering Design Calculations.

Project: EPC4A Retrofit and Revamp HUC Project

Client: Subsea 7/EXXON

Description: Review of a Company Provided Calculation Note concerning the structural verifications of various installation aids and seafastening for IYAK A deck extension installation

Project: EPC2B Extension

Client: Subsea 7/MPN

Description: Usan platform FR gantry structure (general arrangement). Usan platform riser protection near gantry area (general arrangement). Davits for lifting (mezzanine deck) – general arrangement Drawings modifications by the drafting team.


Project: ANGOLA BLOCK 15 Installation Aids Design

Client: Subsea 7/ExxonMobil

Description: Provide Detailed Analysis and Drawings to Subsea 7 for Installation Aids.

Project: BONGA - Flare - Crack Propagation Study


Description: Provide study to evaluate the root cause of flare cracks and to determine consequence of crack propagation on flare structure.

Project: Tombua Landana: Installation Aids Drawings

Client: Subsea 7

Description: Provide Detailed Drawings of Installation aids frame.

Project: MHSRP2 Rigging Table For RS15

Client: Subsea 7/SAPURA

Description: To provide Calculation notes for the jackets rigging platforms


Project: Angola LNG Project: Cargo Barge Arrangement

Client: Subsea 7/Angola LNG

Description: Perform fabrication drawings for Cargo Barge 28

Project: Installation Aids Design

Client: Subsea 7/Total E & P, Congo

Description: Structural design of 3 pulling heads for S-Lay - One initiation head, One abandonment & recovery head and One head for tensioners testing

Project: Pigging Facilities Upgrade Project - Phase 3 Transient Analysis


Description: To provide a high level transient hydraulic analysis, supporting the pigging study that addresses the general pigging requirements for the proposed future pigging upgrade project, to determine the volume and length of the slug for each of the case scenarios to be studied.

Project: Hydraulic Transient Analysis Study

Client: NETCO/Mobil

Description: Hydraulic Transient Analysis Study of Etim to Inim and Inim to Idoho BP Lines and 16 Inch Utue-Ubit Pipeline

Project: Tank Farm Engineering Design

Client: Petrolog

Description: Perform Layout Drawings 

Project: ESD System Project: ESD System Survey and Evaluation on the Escravos LPG FSO

Client: Pegasus/Chevron

Description: ESD System Survey and Evaluation on the Escravos LPG FSO: Inspection of the existing ESD control panel, Review of ESD system logic and I/O wiring drawings etc

Project: Usan FPSO: Technical Manpower Supply

Client: Doris Engineering/ Total

Description: Provision of technical manpower requirement for the USAN Deepwater Development Project

Project: PAZFLOR Free Span Evaluation

Client: Subsea 7/Total E & P, Congo

Description: Determination of maximum allowable unsupported free span section of pipe for installation, hydro test and operational design conditions