Oceon recognizes the need to continue to prove its technical, professional and managerial competence. This is based on the company’s strong belief in excellence, professionalism and keeping abreast with changing technology as well as developing in-house competence to offer engineering services to the energy industry both inside and outside Nigeria. Apart from experience acquired on the job, appropriate training is identified as a sure route to skills and performance enhancement.

Oceon is committed to the training and development of its employees to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its clients. We are dedicated to delivering high quality, comprehensive and engaging learning opportunities for all our people to meet the development objectives of our employees and the organisation.

Oceon’s training and development policy is aimed at ensuring that employees are equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge and attitude to put in the desired level of performance for company operations both on current jobs and anticipated future higher responsibilities. The training is meant to address gaps in technical and or/management skills and knowledge of employees.