The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development act, in line with the implementation framework for the Nigerian Content Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has established a mandate to govern matters pertaining to Nigerian Content Development in the Industry. Oceon is very proud to be counted as a demonstration of the success the act has achieved in developing Nigerian to be world class engineers and professionals in offshore engineering, an industry that is extremely sophisticated.


In Offshore West Africa permanently non-weather vaning, spread moored FPSO is located.

 During a shut down, it was observed that two cracks separately developed on a flare.

At this time there was no mean to determine or not the impact on the flare. The flare is a self supporting triangular-shaped structure, of about 80m in length. 

It became necessary to evaluate the root cause of these cracks and any consequences which could happen to the flare.

Global Oceon Engineers Nigeria Limited has been requested to investigate the root cause of this crack and determine the necessary actions.


Global Oceon consistently receives commendation for its achievements in the Local Content drive of the Federal Government